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Pushyanug Churna: for women's health (60 g), Baidyanath

Pushyanug Churna: for women's health (60 g), Baidyanath

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Pushyanug Churna is a tool based on natural ingredients for the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system. It stops uterine bleeding, eliminates excessive vaginal discharge caused by blockage of the cervical glands. The tool restores the menstrual cycle, fights menstrual bleeding of various etiologies. It relieves menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. It cleanses the uterus, eliminates feelings of anxiety and helps to cope with mood swings.
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  • Basic Information:
    • natural product
    • 100% vegan
    • 100% lactose free
    • treats diseases of the female reproductive system
    • stops uterine bleeding
    • restores the menstrual cycle

    Indications for Use:
    • metrorrhagia
    • leukorrhea
    • menstrual irregularities
    • menstrual bleeding of various etiologies

    Please check the ingredients used in the product for any possible allergic reaction. Individual intolerance to the components added in the product may vary. It is recommended to consult a doctor during pregnancy, menstruation and lactation and whilst the course of other medicines.

    Active ingredient(s):
    Round syt (Musta) - relieves menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome, helps with inflammation of the uterine mucosa, helps to cope with depression.
    Manjistha (Manjistha) - relieves muscle cramps and painful cramps during menstruation, normalizes the menstrual cycle, cleanses the uterus, eliminates feelings of anxiety, improves mood.

    Instructions for use:
    Mix 2-4 g of powder with warm water or milk and take 2 times a day. Prior consultation with your doctor is recommended.

    Every 5 g contains:
    Patha (Patha) - 190 mg, Jambolan (Jambu-bija majja) - 190 mg, Amar bija - 190 mg, Badan (Pasan bheda) - 190 mg, Rasanjana - 190 mg, Rosella (Ambasthaki) - 190 mg, Manjistha - 190 mg, Stamen lotus (Padma kesara) - 190 mg, Turmeric (Kurkuma) - 190 mg, Ativisa - 190 mg, round musta - 190 mg, Quince Bengal (Bilwa) - 190 mg, Lodhra - 190 mg, Ocher (Gairika) - 190 mg, Katphala - 190 mg, Black pepper (Marica) - 190 mg, Medicinal ginger (Sunthi) - 190 mg, Sandalwood (Rakta chandan) - 190 mg, Khatvanga - 190 mg, Anantu - 190 mg, Woodford fruit (Dhataki) - 190 mg, Centella asiatica (Madnuka) - 190 mg, Arjuna - 190 mg.

    Read the instructions leaflet attached to the medicine carefully before using the drug. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor first.

    Store in a dry place and keep it away from the sunlight.

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    Weight: 98 gr.

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