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Halin: for treatment of influenza and sinusitis (50 caps), Nagarjuna

Halin: for treatment of influenza and sinusitis (50 caps), Nagarjuna

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Halin is an effective Ayurvedic capsule by the renowned house Nagarjuna which works as inhalation medication used to treat diseases of the respiratory system. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial properties. It treats nasal congestion, fights flu, colds, sinusitis, relieves inflammation and swelling. This medicine effectively eliminates inflammatory processes, restores the mucous membrane, promotes the natural outflow of mucus from the sinuses, and relieves pain in the paranasal zone.
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  • Basic information:
    • natural remedy for inhalation
    • dye free
    • no preservatives
    • treats flu, sinusitis
    • fights respiratory diseases
    • reduces swelling

    Indications for use:
    • flu
    • cold
    • headache
    • sinusitis
    • nasal congestion
    • low immunity

    Check for any signs of allergy to ingredients used in the product. Individual tolerance to the product may vary. Consult a doctor during pregnancy, menstruation and lactation.

    Active components:
    Eucalyptus spherical (Sugandhapathram) - destroys pathogenic microflora in the human body, eliminates inflammatory reactions and restores the mucous membrane, facilitates the passage of mucous secretions, enhances blood circulation in the maxillary sinuses.
    Peppermint (Pudina) - an effective tool for the prevention of colds and flu, has an analgesic effect, treats diseases of the respiratory system.
    Clove (Lavangam) - has bactericidal, antifungal, analgesic effects.
    Cinnamon (Lavangam) - has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, strengthens the immune system, enhances the protective function in the body.

    Instructions for use:
    Cut the capsule and add the contents to boiled water (200 ml). Inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes.
    Dripping a few drops of oil from the capsule onto a handkerchief and inhale if necessary. 
    Oil can also be applied to the pillow of influenza-infected children during sleep.

    Each capsule contains:
    Spherical Eucalyptus (Sugandhpathram) - 25%, Peppermint (Pudina) - 15%, Clove (Lavangam) - 15%, Cinnamon (Ilavangam) - 15%, Ravintsara (Karpooram) - 15%, Peppermint Extract pepper (Pudina) - 15%.

    Storage conditions:
    Store in a dry and dark place.

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    Weight: 70 gr.

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