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Neeri: for the genitourinary system (30 tabs), Aimil

Neeri: for the genitourinary system (30 tabs), Aimil

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Neeri is an Ayurvedic remedy for normalizing the genitourinary system and treating kidney diseases caused by metabolic disorders, chronic infection, or any other cause. It regulates the pH level of urine, promotes natural lithotripsy (treatment of urolithiasis) and has a nephroprotective effect. It relieves inflammation of various nature, fights with painful urination, turbid and darkened urine, as well as urinary tract infections. It effectively helps with cystitis, kidney stones, as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia.
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  • Basic Information:
    • natural product
    • 100% vegan
    • 100% lactose free
    • regulates urine pH
    • normalizes the genitourinary system and treats kidney diseases
    • promotes natural lithotripsy
    • has a nephroprotective effect
    • relieves various types of inflammation
    • helps with various diseases

    Indications for Use:
    • metabolic disease
    • painful urination
    • cloudy and darkened urine
    • urinary tract infections
    • cystitis
    • stones in the kidneys
    • benign prostatic hyperplasia

    Please check the ingredients used in the product for any possible allergic reaction. Individual intolerance to the components added in the product may vary. It is recommended to consult a doctor during pregnancy, menstruation and lactation and whilst the course of other medicines.

    Active ingredient(s):
    Pashanbhead (Bergenia ligulata) - effectively helps with kidney stones, dysuria, burning sensation during urination and urinary retention in the bladder.
    Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) - has diuretic properties. helps with urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
    Butea monosperma (Butea monosperma) - cleanses the blood, stops inflammatory processes, eliminates urinary retention in the bladder.
    Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) - helps with various diseases of the genitourinary system, has a healing effect on the kidneys and bladder.

    Instructions for use:
    Adults: take 2-3 tablets 3 times a day.
    Children (6-12 years old): Take 1-2 tablets 2 times a day.
    Prior consultation with your doctor is recommended.

    Read the instructions leaflet attached to the medicine carefully before using the drug. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor first.

    Each tablet contains:
    Pashanbhead (Bergenia ligulata, Rz) - 60 mg, Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa, Rt.) - 50 mg, Single-seeded Butea (Butea monosperma, FL) - 50 mg, Lime silicate (Hajrul yahood bhasma) - 45 mg, Swait Parpati - 25 mg, Vernonia (Vernonia cinerea, PL) - 20 mg, Rough Strawflower (Achyranthes aspera, Pl.) - 20 mg, Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris, Fr.) - 20 mg, Shy Mimosa (Mimosa pudica, Rt.) - 15 mg, Shilajeet (Shudh Shilajeet) - 15 mg, Barley ordinary (WS ash of Hordeum vulgare, Prcd) - 10 mg, Varun (Crataeva nurvala Conc, st.) - 20 mg, Excipients - the required amount.

    Store in a dry place and keep it away from the sunlight.

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    Weight: 80 gr.

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