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Tonsari Capsules (120 caps), BPRL

Tonsari Capsules (120 caps), BPRL

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Tonsari Capsules are Ayurvedic capsules which work to relieve symptoms and speed the recovery process in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. This remedy eliminates the source of infections. It helps with chronic diseases, and also has anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates sore throat, and relieves inflammation. Deals with bronchial asthma effectively.
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  • Basic information:
    • ayurvedic product
    • free of dyes
    • no preservatives
    • no side effects
    • effective treatment for diseases of the upper respiratory tract
    • eliminates the source of infections
    • helps with chronic disease

    Indications for use:
    • swollen lymph nodes
    • problems with tonsils and tongue
    • sore throat
    • problems with swallowing
    • foreign body sensation in the lower jaw
    • bronchial asthma
    • discharge from the ears
    • acnes and blemishes

    Check for any signs of allergy to ingredients used in the product. Individual tolerance to the product may vary. Consult a doctor during pregnancy, menstruation and lactation.

    Active Components:
    Neem (Nimba) - has powerful anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties.
    Indian Barberry (Daruharidra) - has an effective anti-inflammatory effect in acute and chronic inflammation.

    Instructions for use:
    Adults: take two capsules, thrice a day for 6 weeks.
    Children (5 years and above): take 1 capsule, twice or thrice a day a day.
    If necessary, the capsule can be cut and the contents poured directly into the throat to quickly relieve pain.

    Each capsule contains:
    Indian Barberry (Daruharidra), Holarrhena (Indrajav), Karanja (Karanja Twak), Neem (Nimba), Terminalia chebula, Long pepper, Neem oil.

    Storage conditions:
    Store in a dry and dark place.

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    Weight: 140 gr.

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