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Kumkumadi Lepam: restoring face cream (10 g), Nagarjuna

Kumkumadi Lepam: restoring face cream (10 g), Nagarjuna

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Kumkumadi Lepam is a herbal and natural ingredients cream based on saffron, sandalwood, vetiver, sesame oil and other useful components for the restoration of facial skin, improving skin complexion and brings glow on the face. It evens out the tone, gives the skin elasticity, relieves inflammation and irritation, eliminates acne and age spots and treats hyperpigmentation. The cream has antioxidant properties, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates dark circles under the eyes, redness and peeling. Kumkumadi Lepam is also used as a care product for the neck and skin under the eyes. It reduces stretch marks, makes scars and scars invisible.
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  • Basic information:
    • natural product
    • dye free
    • paraben free
    • effectively restores and nourishes the skin
    • possesses antioxidant properties
    • suitable for all skin types
    • for external use only

    Indications for use:
    • acne
    • redness and inflammation
    • stretch marks
    • scars
    • dark spots
    • premature aging
    • hyperpigmentation

    Check for any signs of allergy to ingredients used in the product. Individual tolerance to the product may vary.  

    Active ingredients:
    Sesame oil (Thila thailam) - prevents wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the dermis, improves complexion, relieves irritation, and eliminates post-acne.
    Saffron (Kumkumam) - restores the skin, promotes regeneration, fights against blackheads, age spots, black dots, dark circles under the eyes, gives the skin a radiance.
    White sandalwood (Chandanam) - has an antibacterial effect, relieves inflammation, evens out skin tone, and improves elasticity.
    Simplokos (Lodhram) - has antiseptic properties, increases skin elasticity, relieves itching and irritation, protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

    Instructions for use:
    Apply cream to cleansed skin twice a day - morning and evening.

    Every 20 g contains:
    Saffron (Kumkumam) - 0.078 g, White Sandalwood (Chandanam) - 0.078 g, Simplokos (Lodhram) - 0.078 g; Patanga (Pathangam) - 0.078 g, Sandal red (Raktha chandanam) - 0.078 g, Koscinium (Kooleeyakam) - 0.078 g, Vetiver (Usheeram) - 0.078 g; Manjishtha - 0.078 g, Licorice (Yashtimodhu) - 0.078 g, Licorice root (Pothram) - 0.078 g, Cinnamon (Pothmakam) - 0.078 g, Pothmom - 0.078 g, Kushta (Kushtom) - 0.078 g, Garochan (Gorochanam) - 0.078 g, Nisha - 0.078 g, Lacquer resin (Looksha) - 0.078 g, Turmeric (Daaru haridra) - 0.078 g, Mezuya iron (Giricam) - 0.078 g, Single-seeded buteya (Noogokesaram) - 0.078 g, Beautiful fruit (Priyangu) - 0.078 g, Badyan (Vataankuram) - 0.078 g, Indian Combretum (Moolothi) - 0.078 g, Modhoochistham - 0.078 g, Mustard (Sarshapam) - 0.078 g, Costus (Surabhi) - 0.078 g, Air marsh (Vacha) - 0. 078 g, Milk (Payas) - 40.000 ml; Sesame oil (Thila thailam) - 10.000 g. 

    Storage conditions:
    Store in a dry and dark place.

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    Weight: 40 gr.

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