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Real Selenite Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki, Kalyan Puja

Real Selenite Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki, Kalyan Puja

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The Real Selenite Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki is an energy source that converts negative electromagnetic energy into positive. An orgonite symbol is applied to this pyramid, which emits auspicious and positive waves. It is often used for Reiki and other medical practices. It also contains white selenite, which gives clarity to the mind. It activates the crown chakra. It has a copper coil that protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices.
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  • Basic Information:
    • source of positive energy
    • used for Reiki
    • gives clarity to the mind
    • activates the crown chakra
    • protects against electromagnetic radiation

    • weight: 140 g 
    • height: 7 cm 

    The pyramid should be located in the room or a place where you spend the most time.

    Weight: 200 gr.

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