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Real 7 Chakra Healing Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki, Kalyan Puja

Real 7 Chakra Healing Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki, Kalyan Puja

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Real 7 Chakra Healing Orgonite Pyramid For Reiki is a complex of stones of different colors that represent the 7 main chakras. These stones are combined with each other in the form of a pyramid. It promotes prosperity and prevents any unwanted problems. It brings harmony and peace to the owner’s life. It also protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It promotes well-being of overall mental and physical health.
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  • Basic Information:
    • favorably affects 7 chakras
    • contributes to prosperity
    • prevents unwanted problems
    • brings harmony and peace
    • protects against electromagnetic radiation

    • weight: 160 g
    • height: 7 cm

    The pyramid should be located in the room or place where you spend the most time. It can also be located in the child’s room for a positive attitude.

    Weight: 200 gr.

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