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Ordering rules


Services are available daily from 07:30 — 21:00
Dear customers! Placing an order in our MYINDIA.RU online store is very simple:

You add the product you like to the cart and then complete the purchase.

(Complete steps to place order provided here )

You can place the order as:
1. Registered user (regular customer).
2. Guest.

The difference between them is presented below:

Site Access for a regular customer:
— Exclusive access to make and check out purchases
— Exclusive access to receive gifts from each purchase
— Exclusive access to accumulate bonus points and apply them
— Exclusive access for a simplified checkout mode
(the system remembers your contact details)
— Notifications of goods receipt and updates
— Notifications about Promotions
(as a rule, they are limited in time)
— Exclusive access to receive gift certificates and coupons
— History of purchases

Site Access for a guest
— Access to make and check out purchases
— Access to receive gifts from each purchase

To make a purchase, add a product to your cart (by clicking the Add to cart button available on the product page)
To place an order, go to the ‘My Cart’ section.
The ‘Basket’ contains a list of selected goods (it is possible to specify the required quantity for each product, and the system will automatically calculate the amount of the order)

Click the ‘Place an order’ button, the site will redirect to the page for entering the information required to ship the order and pay.
On the page, you must enter contact information, preferred shipping method and confirm the completed purchase.
Possible shipping and payment methods are presented in the section "Payment and Shipping".
One of our service team members will contact you, clarify the details of the order and answer all your questions.