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Delivery terms


We ship worldwide.
Please select your country and shipping address while placing the order.


Free worldwide shipping applies to all the products marked with a green vehicle icon.
For the items that are not marked with a green vehicle icon, shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the product. You can see the shipping cost in the shopping cart once you add the items.


Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have resumed shipping from India to Russia. Shipping is done through our (own) shipping service. However, you are required to indicate the TIN (Tax Identification Number) and passport details while placing the order. It is mandatory to pass the parcel across the border as per the Order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated November 24, 2017, N 1861 "About use as the passenger customs declaration of the documents containing the data necessary for release of goods for private use".
If you have not specified the required details while placing the order, the operators will call you to clarify them.

You can read more about here.

We inform you about the resumption of sending parcels to the following countries:

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. Brazil
5. Great Britain (UK)
6. Hungary
7. Vietnam
8. Germany
9. Hong Kong
10. Denmark
11. Israel
12. Italy
13. Canada
14. China
15. Mexico
16. Netherlands
17. New Zealand
18. Norway
19. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
20. Poland
21. Singapore
22. USA
23. Thailand
24. Ukraine
25. Finland
26. France
27. Switzerland
28. Sweden
29. South Korea
30. Japan

Full list of countries


After shipping the parcel from our side, a notification will be sent to your registered mail id with an attached photo of the order, but without the tracking number.
The tracking number is assigned after the parcel arrives in Russia and is sent to the Russian Post for further shipping to the delivery address.
After the parcel arrives in Russia, a separate notification with a tracking number will be sent to your mail.
To track the package:

  1. Copy the track number;
  2. Go to your personal account or Russian Post website (in case of Russia),
    or at 17track (in case of other countries);
  3. Insert the tracking number into the search box and click the "track the package" button.

Information regarding the location of the parcel may take a few days to be updated.


  • A notification will be sent to your mail;
  • In your personal account, or on the Russian Post website or 17track the status of your parcel will be marked as “Arrived at the place of delivery”. This means that you can take the delivery of the package. Don't forget to take your passport with you while taking the delivery.


How to avoid additional costs and difficulties with customs:

  • Before processing the order, carefully study the customs regulations of the receiving country and be aware of the customs limits.
  • All items in the order must be for personal use. This would mean that the number of identical goods in one package should not exceed reasonable and understandable standards.
  • All items in the order must be cleared for shipment and import into the country of receipt.


If the order exceeds customs limits or the number of identical goods that casts doubt on the purpose of the parcel, the order can be sent in several parcels to different recipients. To do this, you must either immediately indicate several addresses in the address bar while placing the order or contact us by phone 8(800)550-7274 or by email to


  • Shipping is done directly from India. Parcels fall under the category of international shipments and go through the customs control procedure. The online store provides services for organising and placing the order. However, it does not deal with customs clearance and certification of products following the requirements of the country of receipt.
  • In case of imposition of customs duties on the parcel, the recipient pays the fees himself. The online store is not responsible for any actions/omissions of third parties and does not accept claims related to the work of customs services.
  • If your order is returned to India due to customs issues, we will refund the order value minus the shipping costs or resend the order after paying the shipping costs again.