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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can clarify any queries regarding our products or the service provided in the MYINDIA.RU online store.

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We will try our best to answer as quickly and in detail as possible.

Here are the answers to the most common questions.

1. How quickly is the package collected and dispatched after payment of the order?
On average, an order is collected within 1-3 business days after payment. It may take longer to collect your order if you are purchasing rare items that are produced in other states of India.

2. How quickly will the parcel reach my city after dispatch?
Typically, a parcel is delivered in 14-20 days after shipping from our side. However, we cannot guarantee the efficiency of the customs and postal services.

3. Where can I get my order?
You will be able to receive your order at the post office at the zip code shown in your address.

4. After shipping the order, I received a tracking number of the parcel. How and where can I track its movement (tracking)?
After shipping the order, I received a tracking number of the parcel. How and where can I track its movement (tracking)?
Tracking on Russian Post

Or use any other national resource, such as the website of the Post of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc., depending on the recipient country.

The tracking details will be updated within 4-7 days after shipment.

Status: Arrived at the border of India - means that your package has been sent for export, i.e. left the territory of India. The following parcel tracking status will be displayed within 5-10 days after the parcel arrives in the destination country and is registered.

If the tracking information has not been updated during this period, we recommend that you contact us.

5. Do you send cash on delivery parcels?
No. Payment is made only on the website. Cash on delivery is not available, since we are located in Delhi, where we are registered as a legal entity.

We are not officially located on the territory of Russia. Hence, it is not possible to conclude an agreement with the Russian Post and accept payment upon receipt of the parcel.

6. Do you have a warehouse or office in Russia?
No. Our head office is located in New Delhi, India.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via the feedback form/ mail/ by phone.